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Invegon Toner Vacuum Systems

nozzels for the most common cartridgesToner cartridge re-manufacturer face tough environmental and health challenges posed by toner dust itself.

Invegon Toner Dust Vacuum Systems are designed to control and capture toner dust before it escapes into the workshop air.

invegon inter c systemInvegon Inter C System
Powerful HEPA filtered vac unit combined with an interceptor head with cyclone action and a pre-filter placed on top of a standard 200 litre /55 gallon/ drum creates an efficient quiet vacuum system.

Special nozzles will make it possible to draw the toner directly from the cartridge to be cleaned.
The design of the interceptor head allows a major portion of the collected toner to be separated before entering the pre-filter. The contaminated air is then filtered in multiple stages.
First by the pre-filter then by a High Filtration filterbag and finally by a HEPA filter. The need for additional air filtration and ventilation is thus virtually eliminated.

The whole system is grounded and thus protected against dust explosion due to static electricity.
Invegon Inter C System is quiet, easy to use system for cartridge cleaning.

The Inter C System is supplied without the standard 200 litre drum, but comes complete with a floor care kit for collection of spills etc.

Invegon DC Dumpstation Invegon DC Dumpstation
The Invegon DC Dumpstation drumhead is designed to fit a standard 200 litre / 55 gallon drum (same dimension as the Inter C drum head).
The DC Dumpstation is placed over the drum and connected with a vacuum hose to either the Inter C System, the Invegon 675 system or directly to the Inter C HEPA vacuum unit.
The DC Dumpstation has a special toner nozzle arrangement around the head that will give an even airflow collecting all airborn fine toner dust when dumping toner.

Invegon 676 system Invegon 676 system
A unique, totally enclosed system for efficient toner cartridge cleaning. The mobile vac unit and the pipe system for two operators are easy to install and to modify to a changing factory layout. The toner is collected in a strong plastic bag and the changing of bag and HEPA filter is a clean operation without any toner escaping.

The 676 system combines 3 cleaning technologies - the first stage, a cyclone separates most toner and heavier particles. A pre-filter will stop light airborne toner dust and finally the Flip Strip HEPA filter, a safety filter of revolutionary design, traps the tinniest and hazardous toner particles inside the filter. The HEPA filter can be used for cleaning more then 10.000 cartridges before changing.
Turning a handle easily cleans the pre-filter.

Click to enlargeThe 3 phase vacuum pump will run 24 hours / day for many many years without any problems.
The Invegon 676 system is electronically controlled for start / stop, phase sequence and overheating.

The Invegon 676 system is supplied with a 3.5 m pipe system with quick couplings, nipples, nozzles etc. for two operators and all fittings for installation.

Invegon cartridge cleaning systems
  Inter C System Invegon 676
No. of operators  1  1-3
Motor rating  1.2 kW  3.0 kW
Motor type  1-phase carbonbrush
 through flow
 3-phase induction by-pass,
 or 3 x by-pass vacuum
 motors single phase (US)
Max air flow  126 m3/h  240 m3/h
Pre-filter surface  0.81 m2  2.0 m2
Pre-filter  Washable  Reverse air cleaning /
HEPA filter surface  1.2 m2  4.0 m2
HEPA filtration  DOP 99.97  DOP 99.99
Hose connection  32 mm  Up to 50 mm

Invegon reserves the right to alter the specifications without notice.

Invegon can offer a complete range of central vacuum installations for toner dust up to 12 kW or more.

The Flip Strip Filter
The Invegon 676 system (and the Invegon 953 air filter) is supplied with the unique and world patented Flip Strip HEPA filter. This filter offers the most effective and efficient way of capturing fine hazardous toner dust. A core of moving strips attract even microscopic dust particles, collect them together and move them down inside the filter in the same way that the cilia protects the lungs from dust in our own bodies.
This action maintains efficient airflow, unlike most filters that clog and restrict the airflow.
The Flip Strip Filter incorporates 5 separate stages of filtration in one, easy to change, cartridge.
Because of the unique filter system the filter surface is always clean and dust free.

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