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Invegon TFM refill system and workstation

Invegon TFM refill system and workstation TFM Invegon Workstation
A new compact HEPA filtered workstation for toner dumping, vacuum cleaning or compressed air cleaning of toner cartridges and components. The Invegon TFM Workstation is also a perfect workbench for disassembly
and assembly of cartridges. Prepared for TFM Hole punching and toner Filling units. The unit is ready to be plugged in into the electrical mains and the compressed air. A perfect unit when you have limited space in your workshop or for laboratories and testing areas.

Technical Data
Motor power 0.8 kW
Air flow Low speed 400 cu.m/h, High speed 980 cu.m/h
Vacuum 23 kPa
Filtration Separation Pre-filter HEPA filter
Total dimensions Height 1800 mm Width 2000 mm Depth 1000 mm
Weight 140 Kg

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