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Invegon PMCL - PCR´s and Magroller Cleaning Lathe

nozzels for the most common cartridges The PMCL is designed for easy and fast cleaning of PCR´s and Magrollers. Comfortable working position for the operator. Adaptors for easy and fast change of object to be cleaned

Many unique features:

  • All HP and Canon and most other PCR´s and Mag´s can be cleaned in the PMCL.
  • Supplied with universal adaptors to suit both thin safts and cylindrical (pat.pending)
  • Mag´s easy to clean with or without magnet.
  • An all metal machine with strong Aluminum frame.
  • Adjustable adaptor with ball bearing.
  • Max adaptor distance 410 mm
  • Splash proof motor
  • Change of workpiece when motor running
  • Quiet
  • Live spindle protection
  • Tray for pick up of ev. drops or spray of liquids
    when cleaning
  • Plexiglass protection ”hood”
  • Comfortable working position

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