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Invegon Cartridge Splitters


  • Dual rotary cutters will more then treble the productivity
  • All metal machine handles a variety of cartridge types - just attach the appropriate jig
  • Designed for tough industrial use. Built to last
  • Safety features incorporated for machine and operator protection
  • Easy to integrate with Invegon toner vacuum systems
  • Quick change of jigs
  • Cartridge in the right position to avoid toner spills
  • Most cartridges so not have do be dismantled
  • All splitters can be connected to any of the Invegon toner
    vacuum systems for an absolute clean operation

Invegon MCS - Multiple Cartridge Splitters
A "universal" tool for efficient splitting of toner cartridges.

Jigs for many cartridges:
Jig No  Cartridge type
001 EP 52  HP 4000   C4127X
    HP 2100    C4096A
002   HP 5000   CA129X
003 EPW  HP 5Si WX  C3909A
     HP 8000      
004 EPE  HP LJ4 EX  92298A
005 EPN  HP LJ3Si NX  92291A
006 EPS  HP LJ2 SX  92295A
007   HP 4500   CA1494A 
008   HP 8500 BLACK    
009   HP 8500 COLOUR     
010 A30   FC  
011 EP32  HP 2100 *    
012   HP 4100   C8061
* for HP 2100 only.
Other jigs available on request.

Invegon CCS – Colour Cartridge Splitter
For the most common colour cartridges like:

Jig No  Cartridge type
30 HP 4600
31 HP 3500 / HP 3700
32 HP 5000

Invegon "4100 Plus" Cartridge Splitter
Invegon "4100" Plus Cartridge Splitter A splitter especially designed for handling the HP4100 cartridge. The splitter has offset cutting disc to protect the contactor when splitting which makes it easy to open the HP4100 cartridge.
The Invegon "4100 Plus" splitter can be used for splitting all cartidges as possible with the MCS splitter, except for the HP 5000.
The stroke will however be a little bit longer then with the MCS splitter.

Invegon LCS - Large Cartridge Splitter
Built to handle larger cartridges as HP 8100, WX and others.

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