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W 22 Work Bench System

Invegon W22W 22 - the most powerfull and quiet unit for cleaning toner cartridges with compressed air - ready to plug in for electricity and compressed air.

The Invegon W 22 is a compact one module, easy to move workstation supplied complete with:
• Two large long life pre-filters with an easy to use cleaning device.
• Hepa filter
• Easy to change all filters
• Air tank for filter cleaning
• Air gun with quick coupling and hose especially designed for toner cartridge cleaning
• Plexiglass windows for excellent workplace visability
• Ergonomically designed working position

The Invegon W 22 is easy to move to diffrent working areas.
The W 22 is designed for tough production use and matching any fixed installation in power, durability and flexibility. The exhaust air is virtually 100 % clean and no toner dust will escape.

Technical Data
Motor power 2.2 kW
Powersupply 400 V, 3-phase
Worktable dust collection Heavy duty transparent bag/theort. Volume 100 lit.
Cartridge filters /2/. Filtration ASH. 99.95% > microns 0.5
HEPA filter DOP 99.99% > microns 0.3
Vacuum unit- airflow 2400 cu.m/hour
Total dimensions Height 1750 mm Width 900 mm Depth 1500 mm

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